Compliances for a Branch Office (with revenue generating activities) almost at the same scale of a subsidiary company
Annual Compliances
Company Affairs (Companies Act 1994)
  • Statutory auditing
Income Tax (Income Tax Ordinance 1984):
  • Filing of annual tax return u/s 75
  • Filing of annual return of salary TDS statements u/s 108
  • Filing of annual return of employee annual tax return submission details u/s 108A
Value Added Tax/ GST (VAT & SD Act 2012):
  • Collection of VAT clearance certificate
Renewal of Business Licenses:
  • Renewal of Trade License
  • Renewal of trade body membership (if any)
  • Renewal of Import & Export Registration Certificate (if any)
  • Other industry related licenses (if any)
Half-Yearly Compliances
Income Tax (Income Tax Ordinance 1984):
  • Filing of half-yearly TDS/withholding tax return submission u/s 75A
Quarterly Compliances
BIDA Reporting:
  • Un-audited quarterly financial statements
  • Filing of quarterly reporting to BIDA, Bangladesh Bank and Tax authority.
Monthly Compliances
Income Tax (Income Tax Ordinance & Rule 1984):
  • Withholding tax / tax deducted at source (TDS) on regular basis as and when payment made or create payable
  • Treasury deposit of TDS
  • Issuance of withholding certificate
  • Filing of suppliers’ TDS statements under rule 18
  • Filing of salary TDS statement u/r 21
  • Day to day transaction compliances
Value Added Tax/ GST (VAT & SD Act 2012):
  • Deceleration of Input-Output Co-efficient whenever the price or cost changes +/-7% from the latest declared price/cost
  • Issuance of VAT 6.3 (Tax Invoice) on regular basis
  • Maintenance of VAT record keeping on regular basis
  • Withholding VAT / VAT deduction at source (VDS) when make suppliers’ payment
  • Treasury deposit of VDS
  • Issuance of VDS certificate (VAT 6.6)
  • Filing of monthly VAT return (VAT 9.1)
  • Declaration for transactions which are above BDT 200K.

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