Company Setup

Payroll processing can be time-consuming and costly for many companies. Outsourcing payroll functions offers the perfect solution by allowing you to focus on issues that matter to you the most and also provide the opportunity to increase efficiency whilst driving down costs. 

Entrusting the matter to us also reduces the risk of non-compliance. This is specially so in a country like Bangladesh to comply employee tax and reporting is becoming critical across the organization.

KAC provides its payroll services through cloud-based payroll system.

Our services include:
  • Monthly Payroll calculation and processing.
  • Employee salary structuring according to tax law. 
  • Filing of monthly and annual salary TDS statements.
  • Employee Self-Service Portal.
  • Employee payroll data maintenance on cloud-based payroll system.
  • Employee contract formulation.
  • Company handbook or rulebook creation.
  • Labour Act compliance.
  • Provident Fund & Gratuity Fund Management.