Are Your Confident To Join Us

We are looking for top talent to join with us, who will contribute to our practice and build both their future and ours! Much more than ‘just a job’, working at Khan Akber is a true-life experience. Your years at Khan Akber will shape you, push you forward and empower you. They will allow you to travel to venture and to join a strongly developing group. You will not find a better environment to achieve your full potential! Joining Khan Akber part a new and fast growing where you will quickly grow your potentials. Khan Akber is a dynamic team with combined experience of 17 years of local experience, in entity setup, audit, accountancy, tax, consulting and advisory services to local and international firms in Bangladesh. We always looking for talented enthusiasts like you to make a difference, We believe our biggest strength is our people, so that we never stopped searching!


Current Openings: