A foreign company must register an entity in Bangladesh before it can commence it business here. If you are looking to incorporate or expand your business to Bangladesh, you may consider the following options. Investor can register one of the below options:

  • Private Limited Company 
    Any foreign investors can start doing business in Bangladesh as a local company with 100% foreign shareholding. This is the only choice for individual investors have legal business setup entry in Bangladesh.
  • Subsidiary Company
    Among other market entry options, the most popular one for a foreign corporate investor is to setup a subsidiary company in Bangladesh. The subsidiary company shall enjoy the same benefits what a local corporate enjoy.
  • Representative or Liaison Office
    Commonly considered as a representative office of parent company overseas, it can be your first step to enter the Bangladesh market. The purpose of this legal entity is marketing activity, customer coordination, business development or conducting market research. No direct selling or generating revenues is allowed.
  • Branch Office
    Apart from setting up a subsidiary company, foreign companies wishing to stake a presence in Bangladesh can also consider branch office as an option. A registered branch office in Bangladesh is an extension of its foreign parent company registered outside of Bangladesh and carry out commercial activities in a limited area.

Comparatives among Different Options